The House System

Our Universe consists of five elements namely Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether. Taking this theme of ‘Panchtatvas’ the students of the School have been classified categorically into the following houses:

AGNI (Red)

Red symbolises strength, force, energy and leadership.


JAL (Blue)

Blue is associated with loyalty, confidence, calmness and piety.


PRITHVI (Yellow)

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and is associated with progress, joy and intellect.



VAYU (White)

White represents a successful beginning, stands for purity, innocence and perfection.




This represents dignity and high aspirations. It is also the meeting ground for all colours. Ether has been given to the School Captain and School Vice-Captain who incorporate the remaining colours into their own and march ahead, for collective progress combining their force with the forces of Agni, Jal, Prithvi and Vayu.