“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.”
-Albert Schweitzer

It is an undeniable fact that there is no escape button on the keyboard of the present-day competitive world. You can’t bury your head in sand like an ostrich and proclaim that competition is non-existent. Therefore we make sure that our students get their fair share of participation in various competitions. We want to ensure that they get used to the idea of competing, begin to love the nervous feeling before the start of any competition and look forward to put their huge talents up for everybody to see.

For this to happen, we keep our eyes wide open and ears perked up to know about any Inter-School Competitions, be it at city level, zone-level, state level or national level. We try and participate in most of them so that our students don’t miss out on opportunities to test their capabilities and bring pride to themselves and the School in the form of trophies, medals, accolades and other prizes. We also regularly organize Intra-School Competitions.

As a policy, students of N. L. Dalmia High School are consistently encouraged to stretch their minds, to challenge their own potentials and to take exams and competitions in their stride. We want them to know that wins and losses are part and parcel of joy ride called life. It is a wonderful learning process that prepares them to face the real world. We just want that when our students leave the School, they should be already initiated into the world of competition.

That may sound tough, but we make sure that it is a lot of fun too! Be it exams or competitions, we ensure that the students give it their best shot without undue pressure. And here, we would humbly like to accept that our students never disappoint us! The results, the certificates, medals and cups are symbols of achievement for them. But for us, the knowledge that our students are excelling is really the biggest award.

Inter School Competitions / Examinations

Attaining total quality in the entire gamut of educational activities has been the hallmark of N. L. Dalmia High School. This has resulted in excellent overall performance by our children, be it academic or co-curricular. Children of the School have won accolades and made a mark for themselves in various International, national and regional level events like:

Our school was a host to the following events:

  • AISM Inter-School Creative writing Competition with participation of 35 schools
  • Scholastic Word Challenger with participation of 50 schools
  • AISM Inter-School Debate Competition with participation of 34 schools
  • Scholastic Quiz Competition, AISM Debate Competition, etc

Our school has participated in the following competitions :

  • All India ASSET Examination by IIM-A Alumni
  • National and International Olympiads
  • International Assessments for Indian Schools by University of South Wales
  • Competitions by Limca Book of World Records, Idea, Nehru Science Centre, Ramkrishna Math, Bournvita
  • National Science Talent Search Examination
  • Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Examination