We provide value-based education, through a curriculum for Secondary section, structured to stimulate and facilitate an opportunity for every child’s comprehensive development. Mutual respect and discipline define the School’s ethos and we lay emphasis on research based project work, where children are encouraged to think independently and learn through discussion and group activity.

In these sections the strength per class has been restricted to 40 only for better teaching learning process. Teachers constantly evolve different methods of teaching and we have introduced the state-of-the-art technology, the promethean smart boards. All 54 classrooms of Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary and ISC are furnished with inter active white boards which integrate various technologies in order to improve the learning experiences. Teachers can use the wide variety of online information resources such as knowledge database; online videos and news items to reinforce their lessons. Interactive images can be saved which allows the students to participate in the learning or collaborative session at a more focused, engaged level, as the entire School campus is enabled with CISCO wifi network.