Pre Primary

At Pre-Primary our vision is to impart knowledge and an acute understanding of values through a voyage of self-discovery and learning aided by nature and technology. We believe that education means stimulating the natural inquisitiveness of young minds and equipping them with skills to satisfy it.

It is about unlocking the latent creativity and letting it flower to its full potential. It is about recognizing the uniqueness of each child and following a system of education which meets the child’s needs according to his developmental stage. We strive to create and implement a meaning-centered curriculum in a healthy, supportive environment and make the learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


At SunFlower Playschool, our mission is to provide a fully integrated, well designed structured preschool program. The preschool program fosters the childrens social and emotional growth, as well as their physical and mental development.

Play school is a childs first step into the outside world. As the name suggests, its all about play at School. And learning at SunFlower is through activities and games.

The first formative years are important to the development of the child. Correct and well-balanced exposure coupled with the right atmosphere conducive for learning, help our children cement the foundation which will give them courage and help develop their confidence.

We also have to understand that every child is unique and special in their own way. We need to maintain their individuality and allow them to grow without any inhibitions. At Sunflower, every child is important to us. That is why we have kept a very low teacher student ratio.

At Sunflower, we provide experiences that enhance and enrich each child’s total development. Throughout the year, each child has numerous opportunities to explore, create, develop problem solving skills, discover appropriate ways of interacting with peers and adults, and learn concepts through concrete, hands on experiences. Towards the end of our session, we provide an insight into academics, so that they are well prepared for Nursery.