Technology – Tech Savvy School

The School is technologically savvy and has over 161 computer and laptops to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

Air-conditioned state-of-the-art computer labs in Primary and Secondary sections are equipped with 40 HP i5 – 2nd Generation computers with 4 GB extended Memory with TFT monitors,interconnected by LAN. We maintain a student-computer ratio of 1:1.

A contemporary air-conditioned Audio-Visual Lab enriches the students with teaching aids like Smart Board and Visualizer. Resources from Discovery, Microsoft Encarta, World Atlas, National Geographic & Encyclopedia Britannica enhance the learning experience.

The labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are equipped with 46” LCD monitors and multimedia facilities for effective learning. LCD TVs and Computers loaded with relevant educational software have been installed in the Pre Primary section and classes of Std. VIII and IX.

The air-conditioned Multimedia Library has a collection of over 10,900 Resource books (fiction and non-fiction). Apart from the books, the library also has over 450 educational CDs. The Digital Library provides fast and easy access of data to teachers and students.

The School also houses an Electronic Data Processing (EDP) department which contains all the details of the students and staff and other matters pertaining to the administration of the School.