The School Elections

The reopening of the School for the new academic session was soon marked by its first activity, the School election for the posts of School and House Vice-captains.  These elections are the characteristic of the School’s liberal and democratic functioning much in concurrence with the contemporary trends.

The School is traditionally divided into four houses namely Agni, Vayu, Prithvi and Jal.  The four essential elements of nature headed by a common office of the School Captain and the Vice Captain.

The students exercised their franchise judiciously and elected from among the contesting candidates, the following as the Vice captains of the respective houses.

Agni House -   Kunal Rajawat
Jal House -   Mansi Ranjan
Prithvi House -   Garvit Agarwal
Vayu House -   Aryaveer Singh
Sports Vice-captain -   Shawn Thayyil

Miss Riva Singh, a candidate with marvellous aplomb and calibre won the election to the office of the School Vice-captain.