Chairman’s Message

It is a challenging world that we live in today, a world full of innovations, both technological and economical. Education imparted in academic institutions is an effective tool to enable students to cope with the rapid, changing world around them by imbibing knowledge and values, both – a culmination of which will certainly bring forth worthy human beings and leaders of tomorrow.

The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation building and reconciliation. Our own reconstruction, development and successful interaction in the global fraternity depend largely on the progress we make in educating our children. Education is central to the success of a whole range of other human endeavors. Education must enable young people to become adult who cherish the values of respect for women and children.

Character building must be amalgamated with encouraging scientific temperament. It has been the dream and vision of my philanthropic father Late Shri Niranjanlal Dalmia, to create an educational institute that encourages the gaining of knowledge and wisdom, rather than just good marks in exams. We, at N L Dalmia Educational Society strive to emulate his ideals and work toward realizing his dreams of imparting high quality education and promoting excellence in education.

As an educator I have a mission to make sure that every student at N. L. Dalmia receives an effective education. It is a mission that we all can agree on and one that matters immensely to me. That mission starts with access to high quality learning opportunities. That mission continues with a great School – a School ready for the challenges of the future.

I trust our students will rise up as winners in the growing competitive world and develop into ideal citizens of the country, well preserving our values and respond to the responsibilities of life with confidence, impeccable character and a discerning judgement.

Shivkumar Dalmia
N. L. Dalmia Educational Society